Iran General NewsInfighting by Iranian Officials Due to Massive Pressure

Infighting by Iranian Officials Due to Massive Pressure


In recent days Iranian officials and other key elements have been quarreling with one other because of the massive pressure and their corrupted behaviors which is leading the country to a total collapse. Such arguments were visible in the country’s latest parliament session.

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the parliament speaker, in fear of the people’s reaction and because of the disastrous country’s situation attacked Iran’s president.

“What makes this pressure harder to bear is the mismanagement, carelessness, and tangible inattention that make people feel helpless. The least that an official can do today is to be with the people. Today, everyone should know that political disputes will do not become any bread and water for the people,” he said.

“Our main problem is that decision-makers do not focus on the day-to-day issues of people, mismanagement in making the right decisions, and ultimately do not have the real and effective will to solve problems.

“The official in charge of solving the people’s problems should not give the wrong address and cause discord within the society and increase the enemy’s greed to impose more sanctions on [Iran],” Ghalibaf added. (ICANA news agency affiliated to Parliament (Majlis), October 18, 2020)

Cleric Javad Nik-Been in the parliament session attacked President Hassan Rouhani and request his interpellation. “Where is the authority of the parliament? We, the deputies, cannot at least ask the president that he once said behind the same tribune of the parliament that if I want, I will return the dollar in the amount of 5000 tomans and 7000 tomans within two weeks. Today, the dollar has crossed the 30,000 toman mark. No one cares. People are being crushed under economic pressure,” he said. (ICANA, October 18, 2020)

Iran’s President Rouhani is anything but a moderate

The Majlis’ Presidium Attacks the President

Javad Hosseini-Kia, Member of the presidium, slammed Rouhani for the national currency’s devaluation and economic troubles. “Dear Mr. Rouhani, the recklessness of this government has ‘plunged the people into black soil’; USD rate is above 300,000 rials, inaccessible housing, increase in prisoners and dowry enforcement cases, decrease in marriage statistics and increase in divorce statistics, the shrinking people’s baskets and the fading of meat, chicken and dairy products from people’s table are the results of this negligence,” he said.

“Mr. President; I wish you trusted the youth of the country instead of trusting the United States and guaranteeing a ‘Kerry’ signature, you are still looking abroad and distorting history. Today, in the context of the coronavirus, our families are unable to provide phone and tablet for their children, who either drop out of school or suffer from academic failure,” Hosseini-Kia added. (ICANA, October 18, 2020)

Alireza Pak Fetrat, another member of the presidium, attributed all problems to the Rouhani administration. “Today, it is very important to invite the president to the parliament, and the president must respond in the way he has mentioned that he is the guardian of the Islamic Republic. The parliament should spend a month on economic stability and conclude with the government that if the government really cannot solve the problem, they should be treated according to the constitution,” he said.

Mahmoud Ahmadi Begash, member of the presidium: “There is no expectation from the government, this government, especially the president is not really aligned with these people, as we and as our colleagues said, we are ashamed to have a president who has been in quarantine for 8 months and no one has seen him closely. We are surprised that he says that he was the deputy commander of the war in the holy defense, where is he now?”

Iran’s Regime: “We Have Nothing Called Quarantine”

Ahmad Hossein Fallahi, member of the presidium: “The president did not take part in the most important issue, which was the decision-making process of the three branches. According to reports, even the ministers are not able to communicate directly with the president. And in connection with the market debate, which friends pointed out, the market situation is chaotic. Every day, a price puts a lot of pressure on people.

“There is no good news on the way. This shortcoming in fulfilling responsibility puts pressure on the people, and on the other hand, the media at the disposal of the government and some cyberspace blame all the problems on the system and the Supreme Leader. In the coronavirus section, one person dies every 6 minutes in the country. We have news that our casualties have multiplied compared to the first coronavirus days.”

Mohammad Salehi Darani, member of the presidium: “The deplorable and unrestrained situation of the market has peeled off the skin of the people and aggravated the situation, and no one owes an ear. The executive officials of the country have quarantined themselves due to the coronavirus.”

Iranian MPs Blame Rouhani for the Country’s Failures

Ali Akbar Bastami, MP from Ilam province, said: “Today, the country’s economy is sick, but its disease is not incurable, domestic viruses have made it feverish and tense more than ever. Today, whenever we look at the economic sector of the country, we see chaos and mismanagement, and abandonment. An overview of the automotive, housing, gold, dollar, and the stock market and inflation, poverty and livelihoods, and rampant inflation prove this claim.”

Valiollah Farzaneh, MP from Mazandaran province, said: “Today, one of the reasons for the high prices that are bothering people and becomes unbridled and undermining public confidence is the currency shocks caused by the oil economy. We have to acknowledge the fact that we have not been able to bring people together in this economic war like the imposed war (Iran-Iraq war), and this recklessness has reduced public confidence.”

Sodeif Badri, MP from Ardabil province, said: “The staggering prices, that we have an increase on an hourly basis the people must buy their essential items at many times at higher prices as much as yesterday.”

Mess in Iran’s Government

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