Iran General NewsAnalysis: Iran and a Painful Week of the Coronavirus

Analysis: Iran and a Painful Week of the Coronavirus


Iran has experienced a painful week with the coronavirus. Despite all the lies and secrecy of the government, the Iranian Ministry of Health called last week in Iran the bitterest week in the coronavirus pandemic. A week that broke a new record with 2503 deaths and 44,377 people were infected. These numbers are very painful for Iran’s 80-million population. This is a new statistic that, according to the experts of the Ministry of Health, should be multiplied by two, three, or four. If we take the statistics of the Iranian opposition as an indicator, the total number of deaths has exceeded 136,000. 

Coronavirus: New “Human Error” by the Iranian Government

The Differences Between Governments Are Significant 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the coronavirus deaths are not a number to her. There are human lives that she has to fight to save. But unfortunately, for the rulers of Iran, the dead and the sick are not just numbers. Rather, they are the spoils of the wind to escape any possible protest of the people. Nevertheless, October 29 has become the darkest coronavirus day in the country. Worse, the total number of patients indicates darker days in the upcoming weeks. 

The pandemic situation in Iran is such that, unlike in previous months, the numbers can easily describe the horrible situation in the country. In one day, 415 people died from the Covid-19. The next day, 8,293 people are infected with the virus, and thousands more are hospitalized. 

“The situation is very terrible and there is no room at all in hospitals,” said Minoo Mohraz, a member of the National Coronavirus Taskforce. 

Record-breaking Victim Statistics 

Earlier, this record was broken on October 20, with the death of 340 people. In the last seven days, an average of 351 people has been infected with coronavirus per day, according to official statistics. 

In general, in the first week of October, a total of 2503 people died of COVID-19. A number that shows that Iran is not only facing its darkest coronavirus day, but it has also had its worst coronavirus week, with the official death toll almost doubling from a few weeks ago. 

More Victims Are on the Way 

Unfortunately, last week the number of patients increased sharply compared to previous weeks. The increase in these numbers, while not initially scary at first, heralds’ darker days ahead. According to experts, almost two weeks after the increase in the number of patients, the number of victims of the disease will increase significantly. 

In the last seven days, the record number of patients in Iran was broken. On Thursday, 8,293 people became infected with the coronavirus. This situation was not just about one day. While in the last week of September, for the first time, the number of infected people exceeded 5,000, last week, the number of infected people per day was more than 5,800, with an average of 6,597 people being infected with coronavirus every day. 

“God knows how long this process will continue if the rallies continue… and the closures do not take place, this process will continueBut we will definitely see an increase in the number of victims. Because we are hospitalizing critically ill patients, their hospitalization means an increase in the number of coronavirus deaths in the country,” Mohraz said. 

Who Is the Cause of the Deadly Coronavirus Leap in Iran? 

On October 28, the state media wrote about a corner of the catastrophic situation and the defenseless people against the coronavirus. 

“Unfortunately, in the last 24 hours, 415 COVID-19 patients have lost their lives. The total number of deaths from this disease reached 33,714,” said Sima Sadat Lari, the Health Ministry Spokeswoman.

On the same day, Reza Karami Mohammadi, head of the Crisis Prevention and Management Organization of Tehran, while acknowledging that the number of deaths in Iran is higher than in other parts of the world. “The annual casualties of the coronavirus in Iran have exceeded the annual casualties of the eight-year war!” he said.

But the question is, what caused this deadly coronavirus leap in Iran? 

Could the cause be other than the government’s criminal policies such as holding entrance exams, reopening schools, etc.? 

After all, who issued the permit for thousands of Basijis to gather in Mashhad, even at the peak of the coronavirus? These scandalous scenes are related to the two days before October 28. The system itself has called it the deadliest day of the coronavirus. 

How is it that in the same city of Mashhad, the gathering of hundreds of people at the tomb of Shajarian is forbidden? But is it permissible for thousands of Basijis to gather? 

What can this mean other than the government’s intentional use of coronavirus deaths to prevent an uprising? 

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