Iran General News West Should Side With the People, Not Iran’s Government

West Should Side With the People, Not Iran’s Government


Iranian agents attempted to bomb an opposition rally in France in 2018, with the goal of assassinating Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi. All four agents were arrested over the course of two days and the attack was foiled.

Following a two-and-a-half-year investigation, Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi and his three co-conspirators were found guilty at a court in Belgium earlier this month and given long prison sentences.

But the Belgian court and other European authorities said repeatedly that Assadi was working on behalf of the regime, so the Iranian Resistance warned Western lawmakers from regarding the matter as settled and insisted that the West was still very much in danger from Iranian terrorism, so long as they appease the mullahs. After all, German police found evidence that appears to place Assadi at the head of a terrorist network across Europe.

The Resistance wrote: “In the wake of Assadi’s conviction, it is essential that the European Union and the entire international community revaluates their approach to dealing with the Iranian regime and considers new measures that could be employed to mitigate the terrorist threat in the short term and uproot it over the long term.”

Sadly, Josep Borell, the EU foreign policy chief seems set on pursuing a “maximum diplomacy” strategy and even participating in the “Europe-Iran Business Forum” next month with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who is Assadi’s boss. (This event was postponed in December after Iran executed a French resident.)

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Luckily, there are hundreds of lawmakers from all across the political spectrum who believe that the right thing to do is actually support the democratic Resistance, which advocates for individual freedoms and the institution of democracy.

Apart from this, other policies necessary for ending the regime’s terrorism include:

  • making relations contingent on the dismantling of Iran’s terrorist network and assurances that it will end its support for terrorism
  • investigations of Iranian embassies and cultural groups
  • holding regime leaders, including Zarif, accountable for the terrorist acts they ordered

After all, this brazen attack just shows how the regime was threatened by the Resistance in Iran following the nationwide uprising that took place in December 2017, just six months earlier. The regime hoped that by destroying Rajavi, they would regain control, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Resistance wrote: “It is incumbent upon Western governments to take the threat of Iranian violence seriously both for the sake of their own security and for the sake of the Iranian people. These two objectives go hand-in-hand because inevitably if the Iranian regime fails to crackdown on dissent in one venue it will turn its attention to the other. Furthermore, it is only by protecting the Iranian people in their fight for a democratic future that the EU and the US can hope to permanently remove the Iranian terror threat from the world.”

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