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Price of goods increasing in Iran


Iran Focus: Tehran, Aug. 07 – Prices for basic necessities have increased dramatically in Tehran, including for public transportation and food.

Iran Focus

Tehran, Aug. 07 – Prices for basic necessities have increased dramatically in Tehran, including for public transportation and food.

The Tehran bus company recently stopped service at Tajrish Terminal, instructing residents to use the metro instead. However, many of the nearby neighbourhoods do not have access to the metro.

There are now two bus routes operating between Vali Asr and Jomhouri streets, which for the first time charge cash from commuters rather than accepting tickets.

The government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced that starting in March 2011, taxi rates will start at 20 cents, with 15 cents for every additional 100 metres.

Last week, the price of a chicken in Tehran increased from $2.80 dollars to $3.80.

Residents ridicule the regime by saying that it imposes higher inflation on average citizens under the pretext of sanctions and later shows “mercy” by setting a lower government “subsidised” price for products.

People are also mocking the regime for printing new 10,000 Toman bills, which include a famous Iranian poetic verse that has an embarrassing and noticeable typo.

There are also reports of overwhelming inflation in Tabriz, north-west Iran, on the brink of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, effecting especially meat and chicken.

The city has also been hit by high unemployment, overdue wages, and a real estate slump. Meanwhile, rent prices have jumped dramatically. The price of fruit is the only one stable this summer.

The regime’s plans to reduce subsidies have not yet been put into effect and people are waiting to see what their impact will be.

Rising gasoline and electricity prices have also placed additional pressure on average Iranians. People are less inclined to publicly protest as the regime’s repression has become a day-to-day phenomenon. Nonetheless, disenchantment exists everywhere and people seem to be waiting for the right moment to start their protests against the regime.

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