Life in Iran TodayIran’s Coronavirus Death Toll Increases, the Government Seems Unworried

Iran’s Coronavirus Death Toll Increases, the Government Seems Unworried


Iran Coronavirus

By Jubin Katiraie

The latest coronavirus news about Iran’s provinces and the statistics show that the increase in businesses and people’s traffic out of the quarantine region in recent months has had a significant impact on the rise in the coronavirus infection rate and the resulting death rate.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Sima Lari, said in her daily brief on 26 August: “The number of coronavirus victims is 119, patients in emergency and hospitalized conditions is 3,831, and according to the latest coronavirus information in the country, the provinces of Tehran, Mazandaran, Gilan, Qom, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, East Azerbaijan, Kerman, North Khorasan, Semnan, Yazd, Zanjan and Qazvin are in a red situation.”

Statistics of coronavirus patients in Fars province

Dr. Ali Akbari, Shiraz Deputy of Medical Sciences, said that the latest statistics on coronavirus in the province, shows the trend of infections from zero to 41,780 people, since the beginning of the outbreak in the Fars province.

He added that 91 of these patients are in serious condition and are hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Coronavirus outbreak increased in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Majid Shirani, President of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari University of Medical Sciences, said: “The rising trend of the coronavirus outbreak in the province continues after a one-week break and has accelerated in recent days.”

He added: “Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we have witnessed several ups and downs in the province, but in the last week of July, one of the biggest waves of the coronavirus outbreak occurred in the province, and this situation is repeating itself in recent days in the province. The peak of the coronavirus outbreak in the province has entered the sixth week, and if this situation is not controlled, the situation in the province will change from alert to red.’

The process of reducing coronavirus infection in Ilam is very slow

Dr. Mohammad Karimian, President of Ilam University of Medical Sciences, said: “Over the past month, the number of coronavirus patients in the province has decreased compared to previous months, but this downward trend is very slow.”

It is worth mentioning that despite the continuation of the coronavirus outbreak, the government had organized a ritual for the students on 26 August, entitled “Ahli Man Al-Asal”, which has intensified the disease among the youth and teenagers.

While all the specialists are speaking about the government’s defeat, battling the coronavirus, Iran’s supreme leader and the president in a ridiculous way are saying the opposite. Below you can read the comparison of remarks by the two with the expressions of government specialists:

Ali Khamenei, 23 August: “In the face of the coronavirus, very important work has been done with good management. Thank God it is one of the lasting works.”

Payam Tabarsi: “We are going backward. We do not see a successful experience in COVID-19 until now, because the disease is not controlled. Those who make policies in the country should look a little more with open eyes to the coronavirus.”

Hassan Rouhani, 25 August: “About the coronavirus, almost three of the world leaders said to me that your job in Iran became a sample for us.”

Tabarsi: “It really is not like that, where they could control their quarantine issue was very serious. But we are not strict here.”

And what is the government’s excuse for not quarantining the country?

Rouhani, 25 August: “There was a conspiracy by our enemies, at the beginning of coronavirus they wanted to say that everything should be stopped.”

Tabarsi: “Be aware that there is the risk of the health care system collapse exists. With another heavy pressure [by the virus] maybe it cannot withstand anymore.”

Abbas Mousavi, President of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences: “It was a good situation for a while when the issue of quarantines was discussed and travel was reduced, but after the reopening, the start of traveling, after the Eid al-Fitr and like that, we experienced another rise again.”

Rouhani: “They were very angry when we announced in late April that businesses should open and announced from the beginning of coronavirus that production units should not be closed.”

Tabarsi: “The reopening happened very quickly. If we want to continue like this, unfortunately, our death toll will be much higher in autumn and winter.”


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