Life in Iran TodayInteresting Video Addressing Iran’s Khamenei: ‘You Must Cry Tears...

Interesting Video Addressing Iran’s Khamenei: ‘You Must Cry Tears of Blood!’


These days after the latest U.S. sanctions over the Iranian government’s banking system, authorities try to blame the sanctions for all the country’s and of course the people’s misery. But the people themselves are saying something else. Despite the danger which they are facing, an Iranian citizen recorded a video message criticizing Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei for all the misery, which is clearly showing that Iran’s government bears all the responsibility.

Tsunami of Poverty and Misery in Iran Caused by Sanctions or Officials’ Looting?

An interesting video of an Iranian citizen from Mashhad which is addressing and criticizing Khamenei about the miserable people’s conditions in Iran.

An Iranian citizen from Mashhad, who is fed up with the extent of the destruction of the country, recorded a video addressed to Khamenei. After seeing the crowded situation of the judiciary and the deteriorating situation of the people, this man turned to Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, and said: ‘You consider yourself the leader of the Islamic Republic. What are you doing?’

Addressing Khamenei’s past speeches, while he said that if a country is in cultural and economic poverty, its officials should be blamed he asked him, “Now, who should we blame?!”

“Greetings to all my compatriots and my dear friends. In this video clip, I’m speaking with you Mr. Khamenei, which you know yourself as the leader of the Islamic Republic – Republic has thousands of meanings, as you know and I cannot announce them in this clip – because of delivering my message.

“Mr. Khamenei today I was in the justice in Mashhad, it was so crowded, woman addict, they have handcuffed women together, all the people are caught in pain, they have spread the dust of poverty, misery, and death like something very accurate over the people.

“I thought for a moment, Khamenei what are you doing, didn’t they inform you about all of that, you are the leader you must “crying tears of blood”, that your people are living like that. Then you are sitting at the peak, I do not know that the advisers around you made the biggest betrayal against you, while they did not inform you in the right way.

“The Iranian people are all homeless Mr. Khamenei. In 1988 behind the podium you are very strongly saying, that if a country is underdeveloped in terms of economic poverty, financial poverty, and cultural poverty, the country officials must be blamed.

“Today, who should we blame? Everyone who criticized you, at night they tear him to pieces in front of his home, throw him into the dungeon, they tie him up in the basement. Which one of the Quran’s verses has instructed such action? In which of your beliefs is this written? You do not follow this law that you have written yourself. You collect us to say, ‘death to America’, and now it is important to you which one of these idiots become the president of America, that is in your benefits.

“Was this the Islamic Republic? Mr. Khamenei, your people are homeless, your people are becoming prostitutes, your people are becoming addict, the youth are depressed, the girls have psychological damages, what are you doing up there?

Statistics of Mental Disorders in Iran

“You are sitting just in between of a few, who with a hard fist, but brainless, are saying ‘I give my life to you’. OK, imagine that their lives are given to you. OK, now imagine that all of Germany which has the biggest gold reserve belongs to you, the U.S. Treasury Department belongs to you, at least they put a just a few bricks over our graves.”

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