Life in Iran TodayIran’s Inaction on COVID Leads to Protests

Iran’s Inaction on COVID Leads to Protests


The Iranian Health Ministry reported 142 deaths from coronavirus on Monday, bringing the death toll to 83,985, but these figures are incredibly low, with the Iranian Resistance reporting that over 319,000 have perished from the virus.

Many countries have taken robust action to stop the virus through mass vaccination, but the pandemic is still ravaging the country because the mullahs have failed to take the appropriate action.

Iranian officials have recently started to talk about how the vaccination process has been slowed down considerably because of the mullahs’ insistence on using the domestic vaccine after Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei banned the import of Western vaccines. Only 5.7% of the population has been vaccinated, which is much lower than that of surrounding countries.

This slow rollout means that the country may soon be experiencing its fifth wave, something unheard of in the rest of the world, especially because the Indian and South African variants are spreading fast.

Alireza Naji, head of the Beheshti University Research Center, said Thursday: “If we delay in taking necessary measures, we will have a fifth peak with the Indian or delta variant.”

Now, of course, other officials have claimed that they worked hard to provide vaccines, but the truth is that they did everything in their power to prevent people from getting vaccinated with safe and effective jabs.

Instead, they have used the “COVIran Barakat” vaccine, which does not have the approval of the World Health Organization or even Iranian health experts, and are even charging people 196,000 tomans to be vaccinated, meaning that the mullahs are once again profiting from the people.

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “Khamenei and his regime face a restive society. The recent nationwide boycott of the regime’s sham election and daily protests are testaments to the explosive state of society.  The regime started an inhumane Covid-19 policy centered on inaction, deception, and plundering to quell this society. Khamenei banned the entry of vaccines because he wants to use the deadly virus and its rising death toll as a barrier against another nationwide uprising.”

Simply, the mullahs are the cause of the rising coronavirus death toll because they want to use the pandemic to suppress the people’s protests, which is why Khamenei described it as a “blessing”. However, the people’s rising protests show that this has failed because understandably Iranians aren’t happy to keep being killed by their government’s inaction on the pandemic.

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