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Iran a Country in Ruins


It is evident from many facts that Iran after four decades of the mullahs’ rule has become a political, social, economic, environmental, and cultural ruin.

This situation becomes clearer when the regime’s officials are forced to confess and speak about this situation. And make it clear that such expressions are not just the opinions and propaganda of ordinary people and the Iranian opposition MEK/PMOI which the regime claims to be exaggerations and lies.

The former editor of the state-run daily Kayhan, Mehdi Nasiri, in a note which was published by the state-run daily Etemad on July 3, 2021, about such a situation under the title “Mr. [Ebrahim] Raisi, you took a ruin but not from [Hassan] Rouhani” wrote:

“Mr. Raisi’s office has also invited me to convey my views to the new president through a phone call, but for some reason, I prefer to share my content with Mr. Raisi on this public channel.

“Yes, I believe that the new president took ruins, but the cause of this ruin is not only Mr. Rouhani’s government but also all previous governments, statesmen, and officials, including Mr. Raisi and this humble servant who was the director of Kayhan from 1988 to 1994 and from 1994 to 1999 I was the manager of the personal magazine Sobh.

“Iran today is full of crises and super-crises, topped by a fragmented economy, growing poverty, social ills, managerial corruption, and moral weakness, and widespread popular distrust and despair of the future.

“Forty-two years later, the assessments show that the revolution and the Islamic Republic did not succeed in fulfilling the promises made to the people in 1979 to develop their religion and world (lives).

“The 2021 elections and the decline in popular participation are a sign of the frustration of Iranian society with the situation in which they live and breathe, even if some people still insist on presenting an epic interpretation of it.”

Then about the factors leading to this situation he added:

“What factors have led to this situation?

“If Mr. Raisi denies this destruction, I do not speak with him, but if he agrees, I will list the most important factors of destruction based on my understanding, maybe it will be some advice to the new president:

  1. Charismatic and sacred management and leadership of the system instead of management being temporary and periodic and accountable for criticism and evaluation.
  2. Lack of plans and programs for efficient and rational governance since the beginning of the revolution and the lack of need for the system to gain experience and use the knowledge and experience of domestic and foreign thinkers.
    In other words, disregard for national and global collective wisdom and expert opinions at most management levels.
  3. The desire for singularity and escape from political diversity from the early years culminated in the recent elections.
  4. Anti-world foreign policy and enmity and little attention to diplomacy, whose role in the misery of Iran’s today may have the first place.
    Although this policy is constantly documented in religion and ideology, in the opinion of the author (he self), it does not have the slightest relation with the rational political theology of Shiism.

We have failed to understand that not only the United States and the West but also Russia and China do not agree with adventurous Iran as the spoilsport and a regional troublemaker and will stop it whenever necessary.

  1. A one-dimensional conception of power and its limitation to military power and the neglect of economic, cultural, national, and diplomatic power, and the failure to learn from the failed Soviet experience of conquering half the world with the Marxist revolution with equal military power with the United States and NATO, but it collapsed due to economic, political, and cultural backwardness.
  2. Cultural and propaganda policies that polarize and interact with the people on the axis of religiosity and revolution are sometimes demonstrative instead of focusing on the Iranian people. This policy has been one of the most serious factors in the apostasy of the society and the non-voting of the majority of principlists.”

Finally, he warned the regime’s new president and wrote: “If Mr. Raisi, who, thank God, is in coordination with the higher institutions and the other two branches, can succeed in correcting and solving the above problems, he has done a great job and Iran owes him, but if he does not have such an analysis of the situation in Iran in 2021 and or if he is not able to make reforms, he will undoubtedly add to the destruction of the homeland.” (State-run daily Etemad, July 3, 2021)

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