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Suicide Has Become Ordinary in Iran’s Society


Suicide is a function of a series of economic, social, political, and cultural issues in society. In Iran, everyone in the community is directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus and its problems.

Sometimes children or the elderly are more likely to be harmed, although the damage is different, many social experts in Iran believe that the psychological effects of the coronavirus, such as suicide, are just beginning.

Although over the past one-and-a-half years, the coronavirus has affected psychological problems such as escalating violence, social isolation, domestic violence, and suicide, like many other events such as earthquakes, social cohesion is formed in times of crisis.

Unfortunately, in this period this cohesion is not formed, and we may imagine that in this situation society is alive and everyone helps each other, but the coronavirus not only causing a pandemic is also a social crisis and its effects on the people’s will become clear even after the pandemic crisis.

In recent times, Iranian society has been destroyed and the livelihoods of many people have been disrupted and social relations and occasions have been destroyed.

People’s resilience in society is decreasing and the level of social tolerance and tolerance of individuals has decreased too.

We need to consider that the coronavirus alone is not effective and on its own does not increase violence and suicide, but economic problems, inflation, and unemployment are also influential in these processes.

The Impact of Multiple Coronavirus Peaks on Suicide Rise in 2020

In 2020, the death toll from suicide increased compared to 2019, showing that the many peaks of the virus have had an impact on this statistic.

In the social emergency, during this period, the country is witnessing an increase in violence, indicating that the tolerance threshold of society is lower and that people who have a predicated incidence of suicide in the pandemic conditions of the coronavirus are deciding sooner to commit suicide.

If government policies fail to find a way to infuriate this collapsed situation, the country will certainly face many problems, as deaths from the coronavirus are not natural deaths, but a type of death involving economic, political, and government conditions.

It is famous that the western provinces of the country face more suicide cases due to poverty and the government’s discrimination than other provinces, but the latest studies made by the regime have revealed that the suicide center is changing from western Iran to the center and other parts of the country, including Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces, Bandar Abbas, Markazi Province, Gilan, Tehran and other regions such as North Khorasan.

If in the past there were some western areas of Iran witnessing suicides, now many parts of the country are involved.

Iranian women are more likely to commit suicide than other women in the world

Among women, approximately 71 percent of suicide victims are under 40, and among men, 80 percent are under 40. So, these statistics show that suicide is specific to the young people in Iran’s society, ranging in age from 15 to 40 years old. In Iran, as in the rest of the world, men commit more suicide than women, but compared to other countries in Iran, women are more likely to commit suicide than women elsewhere in the world.

Suicide penetration from the lower classes to the social classes with scientific expertise

Suicide from the lower classes of society, which had psychological problems, infiltrated the social classes with scientific expertise and this is a symptom of a crisis in society, and this is dangerous for society because these people are role models and references in society and these cases increase hopelessness and despair and death of social vitality.

Corruption in financial and administrative systems plays a major role in frustration and suicide

Corruption in the financial and administrative systems plays a large role in frustration and ultimately suicidal thoughts, where hope dies suicide will be raised. Where feeling good, philanthropy and advocacy die, suicide will replace it.

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