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Iran: Loss of Human Resources, Damage Which Cannot Be Undone Anytime Soon


In the current situation, according to global statistics, Iran ranks at the top of the list of the 10 countries with the highest inflation growth and is ranked fourth on the list after countries such as Venezuela, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

According to many government experts, if the trend of economic conditions and inflation continues like this, it will lead to triple-digit inflation and the beginning of a ‘Venezuelan economy’ after a short period, and simply put, Iran’s economy will be thrown into the valley of collapse.

On this, Masoud Daneshamand, a member of Iran’s chamber of commerce, said:

“If Iran’s economy continues this trend, the country’s economy will become a Venezuelan economy. Venezuela’s economy is a collapsed one. If we are not able to solve our problems in these fields, we will pass the same path as Venezuela and the devaluation of the national currency, inflation, unemployment, etc. will increase.”

He predicted: “Inflation will rise like now if it is now 40 percent, it will reach 55 percent at the end of the year. The number of 55 or 60 percent for inflation is too much.” (State-run daily, Setareh-e-Sobh, 5 October 2021)

The result of such a catastrophic economy would be an increase in immigration among the country’s youths, especially students and educators. A government expert about the shocking numbers of Iran’s immigration said:

“Iran’s resident population is about 70 million. Because according to official IMF statistics, 500,000 people migrate from our country every year. Iran’s statistics center in 2019 put the figure at 700,000.” (State-run daily Jamaran, August 7, 2021)

According to today’s statistics, more than 250,000 Iranian engineers and physicians and more than 170,000 Iranians with higher education live in the United States and more than 15 percent of Iran’s human capital has traveled to the United States and 25 percent to Europe. Currently, the total number of physicians in the country, including general practitioners, specialists, and dentists is 108,000.

Many of the country’s elite have also emigrated due to domestic restrictions and the regime’s repression of individual freedoms. They now live abroad, killing any hope and motivation in them to help their country’s progression. Without a doubt, if these elites were inside the country, they could help solve the country’s problems. But that is the latest concern of the regime, which is converting the country to burned ground.

“Statistics show that along with the migration of scientific experts of physicians and engineers, we are witnessing a growing migration of teenage figures from among the Olympiads and those accepted in different academic disciplines in the privileged ranks of the entrance exams, which at the discretion of families to continue their education and map the horizon of a bright future,” said the state-run daily Jahan-e-Sanat on October 4, 2021, about the migration of the country’s specialists especially the elite youths.

The economic crises of the last few years and unfavorable social and welfare conditions have significantly increased the immigration statistics of Iranian students, and this growth continues, which means the loss of human and financial capital for a country that is not well developed.

Social and economic crises did not only lead to the immigration of the country’s elite and students but have also ignited domestic migration, and many poor people from small villages and counties are pushed to the metropole margins. Something that has increased social crises, especially among the youths.

“Misguided economic policies (read marauding politics) have demonstrated their effects by flooding migration from rural and deprived areas to metropolises. The consequences of this discussion are the phenomenon of marginalization for metropolises such as Mashhad, which consequently increases the cost of city services and doubles management difficulties.

“The city already has one of the largest marginal textures in the country. The Head of Iran’s Chamber of Chamber said: ‘If today some social problems such as addiction, begging, etc. have distorted the image of our cities, one of the factors affecting it should be sought in the economics.’”

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