Life in Iran TodayIran’s Education System Remains Closed Down

Iran’s Education System Remains Closed Down


Caring about other priorities, Iran’s government puts the country’s education system in such a situation that until now no one is introduced as the education minister, and everything is uncertain, and the choices seem not to be desirable.

More than one and half months have been passed since the start of the new school year, and everyday news and rumors are published about the regime’s decision to reopen schools, while the number of cities being a subset of the red cities because of the coronavirus is increasing.

This is something that has raised even the concerns of the regime’s health officials who are warning the government about the consequences of such a decision.

Ali Sharafi Zarchi, Director of the Statistics Center of the Ministry of Health, fearing the consequences of this decision, was forced to confess about the danger of this decision and said:

“In November, in some cities, the coronavirus trend increased, and some cities have turned red. Now I can’t imagine that schools will open in red cities, and we should prevent vigilantly the sixth peak from spreading across the country because it may not threaten the student, but their families are in danger.

“In August, at the highest peak of the coronavirus, the number of red cities had reached 359, which decreased to seven cities until October 9, but now it has reached 33 red cities again, and at the same time the number of blue cities has increased because the overall trend of the country is downward, on the other hand, in some places we have an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, and that’s why the number of red cities has increased.” (State-run daily Entekhab, November 7, 2021)

On the other hand, the virtual education system (Shad System), started by the government to cover the school closures, did not have the desired result, and its outcome was that many students have suffered from a noticeable academic failure, and many of the students were forced to drop out because of not having access to the virtual system.

The supervisor of the Education Ministry said:

“Currently, statistics show that we have about 210,000 primary school students and about 760,000 secondary school students who dropped out, which is serious harm, and we need to plan for it and focus on it. One of the most important challenges is dropping out of school in some areas.” (State-run news agency Tasnim, November 6, 2021)

Something very sad that is happening now in the country’s schools is the fund collections of the schools from the parents of the students to buy hygiene products for the disinfection of the schools. This is while this subject is one of the duties of the Ministry of Education, and they must provide the financial conditions so that the schools can provide hygiene facilities.

This rejection of the Ministry of Education will increase the risk of coronavirus expansion undoubtedly. On the other hand, the country’s school enrollment system is facing serious problems so that many registrations are done with delays and many of the students were not able to register regular time.

Statistics show that more than one million students at different levels have completely quit, which will be a serious challenge for the education system to return them to the classroom. Television lessons have also been much less noticed this year. Realistically, the regime’s Ministry of Education has not achieved any success in virtual and visual education, and most students have faced academic failure.

This is one of the results of the regime’s refusal to import the coronavirus vaccine and to start the country’s vaccination at the proper time, analysts say.

A month and a half have passed since the beginning of the Iranian school year, but even online many students don’t have teachers, which means it is not yet clear who is going to teach them. This has become a circle of endless problems for the country’s youth and children, in which the country’s future is being sacrificed.

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