Life in Iran TodayIran’s media: Poverty is making regime change imperative

Iran’s media: Poverty is making regime change imperative


While many political thinkers and observers acknowledge that Iran’s government is on the verge of collapse and overthrow, members of the regime’s so-called reformist faction believe that by insisting on a ‘reform’ process, the overthrow of the Velayat-e-Faqih (supreme religious rule) regime can be prevented.

It can be said with certainty that the regime’s government has lacked popular legitimacy from the beginning of its establishment and the mullahs have usurped the country’s political area from the country’s people.

For decades, the security and intelligence think tanks of the regime, in the form of the so-called ‘reform’ current, sought to delay the process of change and downfall of the regime and are trying any deceit to prevent the overthrow of the regime.

However, evolution rule does not accept any of these desperate struggles, and over time and in the absence of responding to the political, economic, and social needs of the Iranian people, the process of change and overthrow becomes inevitable.

However, the reformist faction of the regimes is trying to delay it and extend the life of the Velayat-e-Faqih system.

In this regard, the Shargh newspaper, affiliated with the regime’s reformist faction, has made a desperate attempt to redeem the regime’s life.

Referring to former President Mohammad Khatami’s message, Shargh still claims that despite the failure of the ‘reform’ project and its end announced by the Iranian people in January 2017 under the slogan ‘reformist, fundamentalist, the whole story is over’ the way out of the many problems of the regime is still ‘reform’.

Shargh daily and the members of the reformist faction are either unaware or pretend to be unaware that if the regime had succeeded in real reforms, nothing would have been left of it and it had gone through a process of collapse and fall many times.

Of course, they do not seem to be unaware. The truth is that they fear the fate of the regime because they all are sitting in the same sinking ship because all of them have cooperated in the regime’s crimes over the past 42 years.

This is the way they are reflecting Khatami’s message as ‘uneasy’. But uneasy is not reflecting the real situation of the regime and its deep concern, while any livelihood and economic protests convert rapidly to a political encounter with the regime’s rule.

Therefore, the Shargh daily refers to ‘revolutionary ideas’ as meaning ‘the violent collapse of political structures’ that should be read as the overthrow of the regime.

But at the same time, it made of Khatami a neo revolutionary whose, ‘revolution failed to achieve what the revolutionary masses dreamed of’ to show the Iranian society the senseless reform path, to prevent a revolutionary change in the regime, and instead of using the word ‘reformist’ because of the ‘social boredom’ of the Iranian people it is trying to find new terms for the dead reformism in the regime.

This group knows very well that if the fire of the revolution and the overthrow spreads, it will burn the ‘reformist’ and ‘principlists’ together, and none of them will face any exception.

Therefore, it refers to the uprising of the lower class as a ‘biting and deeply distressing’ phrase that the elements of the regime feel ‘ashamed and guilty’ of expressing it, but acknowledges that the lower class, which has nothing to lose will ‘may overthrow the remnants of the organization (regime).’

A class that according to this paper may have been on the margins of the mainstream of the revolution in 1978, but that in the coming revolution, will act as a ‘historical actor’ against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s government, regardless of the will of the middle class, which don’t even exist anymore according to the regime’s officials. And what has been left is the majority extreme poor against the extreme reach ruling minority.

Contrary to popular belief, that the suppression of the November 2019 protests silenced the uprising and revolution in Iran, but Shargh is inevitably forced to admit that the November 2019 protests have doubled the ‘confidence’ of the lower classes and ‘the ghost’ of these protests has ‘frightened’ the whole regime.

Shargh goes on to say that future protests have surpassed previous uprisings in severity, with poverty seen as the focal point of anti-‘reform’ tendencies, as ‘the apocalypse of reform’, ‘nightmare’ and ‘the giant freed from the lamp’. It called on the government to focus on ‘reforms’ in the future to prevent the overthrow.

With all these interpretations, the Shargh daily says clearly and unequivocally that poverty has made regime change an imperative thing and it begs the regime officials to believe it, or else.

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