Multimedia Lawmakers Urge UK Government to Blacklist Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Lawmakers Urge UK Government to Blacklist Iran’s Revolutionary Guards


Lawmakers Urge UK Government to Blacklist Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

By Pooya Stone

A delegation of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) joined a UK Parliament cross-party panel of MPs and Peers for a conference on Iran in the House of Commons on Thursday, 17 October.

They discussed human rights violations and other concerns vis-à-vis Iran, including how Iranian officials operate with impunity despite their horrendous crimes, the Iranian government’s malign and destabilizing activities in the Middle East region and ongoing support for terrorism.

Dr. Matthew Offord, MP

The regime steps up its aggressions against the governments in France, Britain and Germany seem to be paralyzed. It’s about time we abandoned the appeasement policy. We must proscribe the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) as terrorist entities.

Lord Clarke of Hampstead

Human rights violations [in Iran] are so well-documented that no one can deny them. We’re aware of these facts, but we must keep the pressure on our governments to take action on these actions on these crimes that take place on a daily basis.


David Jones, MP

There is widespread support for the need to address the regime’s human rights abuses, regional aggression. There’s a strong consensus that the regime must be held to account.

The regime has turned the violation of international law into its own perverse statecraft. The regime comes to the international conference table, boasting that it controls four Arab capitals.

Roger Godsiff, MP

The regime is only interested in maintaining its power. The regime has been in constant war with its own people. The regime continues to assault the most fundamental rights of the Iranian people. The 1988 massacre was an attempt to destroy dissent against the regime. (The 1988 massacre targeted members of the Iranian opposition Mujahedeen Khalq, MEK.)

Steve Pound MP

As long as we are here, showing that we care, there will be worry and concern among the mullahs in Tehran. The tensions are becoming stronger and stronger in Iran. There are young Iranians who have the courage and strength and determination to stand on the streets of their homeland and raise their voices. We want them to know that we are behind them, we support them and we will amplify their voices

Kate Hoey, MP

The figures for this regime are just shocking. People do not understand just how bad the situation is in Iran. Looking at the fixtures and the way women and children are treated to prove why this regime must be challenged.

Steve McCabe, MP

Iran exports its bloodthirsty beliefs to the world and the Middle East. There’s not a place in the Middle East that bloodshed is taking place and the mullahs are not involved. That is the legacy of the Iranian regime.

Jocelyn Scott, an Australian barrister

No government, no administration should be supporting the Iran of today. As long as they do not take action, then they are complicit with what is happening in Iran today. The people the regime has executed in public should be alive today.

Sir Martin Vickers, MP

There is cross-party support for your cause. The Iranian people have suffered greatly under this regime. We must do all we can. As David said, we want more action and fewer words.

Bob Blackman, MP

We should be saying, let us get some action on what we want to see happen in Iran. I opposed the nuclear deal with Iran. We are giving the mullahs the opportunity to create nuclear weapons, and they will use such an opportunity to destabilize the world.









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