News Special Wire EU rips Iran’s human rights abuses

EU rips Iran’s human rights abuses


Iran Focus: London, Dec. 20 – The European Union on Tuesday criticised Iran’s abysmal human rights record. Iran Focus

London, Dec. 20 – The European Union on Tuesday criticised Iran’s abysmal human rights record.

In a statement issued by the current UK Presidency of the EU, the 25-nation block expressed concern that human rights abuses had increased in the Islamic Republic in recent years.

“The EU is deeply concerned that the human rights situation in Iran has not improved in any significant respect in recent years, and in many respects has worsened”.

It said that death penalties were frequently carried out, “including for minor crimes, and executions are often carried out in public”.

Iran executed more child offenders in 2005 than in any recent year, the statement said.

“Freedom of expression is still severely restricted; censorship of the internet and press is widespread”, it added.

The EU described the June elections in Iran which brought hard-line Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Presidency as “not democratic”.

The 25 nations said that they continued to receive reports of torture in Iran, while underlining their “great concern” over Tehran’s treatment of “religious and ethnic minorities”.

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