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Iranian prisoners’ hunger strike at the end of its third week


Iran Focus: In the third week of hunger strike by supporters of the Mojahedin and dissidents at Evin prison in Tehran, the mullahs’ inhuman regime is trying to prevent its news to leak out. Growing international support for prisoners’ hunger strike

Iran Focus

In the third week of hunger strike by supporters of the Mojahedin and dissidents at Evin prison in Tehran, the mullahs’ inhuman regime is trying to prevent its news to leak out. On July 17, the public relations of the General Department of Tehran Province Prisons announced: “There has been no hunger strike going on in Evin Prison for the past few days.”

According to reports from the prison the state of a number of the hunger strikers has deteriorated and some had to be taken to hospital.

The political prisoners’ hunger strike has received widespread international support.. Dr. André Brie, member of the European Parliament from Germany expressed his concern over the state of the hunger strikers in ward one of the Evin Prison to the German Foreign Minister and call for his immediate actions.

Mr. Paulo Casaca and Mr. Helmut Markov, MEPs from Portugal and Germany respectively from Friends of a Free Iran at the European Parliament, released a statement in Brussels calling for international support for hunger strikers.

Mr. Win Griffiths, member of the British Parliament, also released a statement condemning pressures imposed upon the strikers by the Iranian regime and called on international human rights organizations to act immediately to save their lives.

Lord Alton, member of the House Lords, expressed his solidarity with the hunger strikers and their goals in a similar statement and assured them that he would do everything to draw the attention of the international public opinion to their plight.

Mr. Malcolm Fowler, member of the human rights committee of the British Law Society, called on the British Government and all human rights advocates to give their support for the hunger strikers.

In a statement addressed to the strikers at Evin Prison, Mr. Ed Towns, member of the U.S. Congress from New York assured the hunger strikers of his continued efforts against human rights violations in Iran and he would call on the U.S. Administration to adopt a firm stance against Tehran government.

Widespread support by international organizations and Iranian groups for the strikers are still going on.

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