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Maryam Rajavi: Iran deal will not close path to nuclear bomb


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London, 14 Jul – Top Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi on Tuesday warned that an agreement reached earlier in the day between the world powers and Iran to curb its nuclear projects would “not close the mullahs’ path to deception and access to a nuclear bomb”.

“Despite many shortages and illegitimate concessions to the mullahs, the nuclear deal struck by the P5+1 and the Iranian regime forces [Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei to retreat and violate the declared redlines he had repeatedly insisted on over the past 12 years, including in recent weeks”, Rajavi said in a statement.

Rajavi said that circumventing six UN Security Council resolutions and coming up with an “unsigned agreement that is not internationally binding as a treaty would neither block the mullahs’ path to deception nor their access to the nuclear bomb. However, as the Iranian Resistance has always pointed out, such a small retreat will shatter Khamenei’s hegemony in the regime and undermine the mullahs’ religious fascism in its entirety”.

The retreat, Rajavi said, will “inevitably aggravate the power struggle within the top leadership and upset the internal balance of power against the regime’s supreme leader. The leadership power struggle will expand to the entire government hierarchy. So, the nuclear agreement, both in the content and structure of the regime could be briefly described as a ‘lose-lose’ outcome”.

Rajavi’s group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), was the first to expose Iran’s clandestine uranium enrichment site in Natanz and heavy water reactor in Arak in 2002.

“The capitulation of Khamenei and his regime to this much of a deal is nevertheless a product of the explosive social state in Iran, the erosive impact of the international sanctions, the deadlock of the regime’s policies in the region as well as its grave concern over the toughening of the terms of the agreement by the U.S. Congress”, Rajavi said.

“Had the P5+1 been more decisive, the Iranian regime would have no way but to fully retreat and permanently give up its efforts to acquire the nuclear bomb. Specifically, it would have had do halt all uranium enrichment and shut down its bomb-making projects”.

“The P5+1 should now insist on evicting the regime from the Middle East and prevent its interferences in the region. This is a fundamental principle that needs to be included in any agreement”, Rajavi added.

There needs to be strict United Nations monitoring of the “cash poured into the regime’s pockets so that they would be spent on the Iranian people’s urgent needs”, Rajavi said, “Otherwise, Khamenei would continue to fund the IRGC (the Iranian regime’s Guards Corps) to export terrorism and fundamentalism to Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon”.

Iran and six major world powers reached a nuclear deal on Tuesday, capping more than a decade of negotiations. The agreement will now be debated in the US Congress, but US President Barack Obama has said he would veto any measure to block it.

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