Iran Nuclear NewsLe Drian Should Get Tougher on Iran

Le Drian Should Get Tougher on Iran


French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said earlier in January that the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was deteriorating, urging Iran to stop its violations at once and abide by the restrictions.

However, these comments still fall short, according to the Iranian Resistance. They advised that while he is less likely than some others in Europe to appease the ayatollahs over their violations, stressing that change is needed immediately because of the threat posed by a nuclear-ready Iran, he is not calling for “appropriate policy demands.”

The Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) cannot be solved through negotiations because that will only lead to the same situation again.

Therefore, they say that Le Drian is wrong to balance his condemnation for Iran violations with criticism of the U.S. for pulling out of the deal in 2018, citing Iranian noncompliance.

In the interview where Le Drian criticized the Islamic Republic for beginning to produce uranium metal, which doesn’t have any real function outside of nuclear bombs, he criticized the U.S.’s maximum pressure campaign.

Tehran Is Concerned About a New “JCPOA Plus”

“It increased the risk and threat from Iran. This implies that Iran’s violations were a reaction to the U.S. campaign when we know that certain violations predate the U.S. withdrawal,” said the French Foreign Minister.

The Iranian Resistance offered these five points to prove that the JCPOA had failed in its objectives:

  • Iran’s nuclear infrastructure remained intact, so they were not prevented from building a bomb.
  • Iran continued its nuclear program after the deal was signed, which allowed them to resume 20 percent enrichment uranium without delay when they wanted to.
  • Iran’s violation proves that they are still dedicated to getting a nuclear weapon.
  • Iran’s failure to fulfill its promises has destroyed the faith placed in it.
  • Iran is blackmailing the world with the nuclear threat.

Iran’s New Piracy and Blackmail

“The appropriate answer is not to panic or offer more concession to the regime but to send a sharp and clear message that if it does not stop the provocation and fully abide by its commitments, European countries will adopt a maximum pressure policy.” the Resistance said.

They advised that the maximum pressure campaign is ramped up by all nations that wish to see a non-nuclear Iran because the only way to stop ayatollahs is to show them the “complete economic and diplomatic isolation” is the consequence of continuing these malign actions.

Iranian dissidents believe this would lead, eventually, to the deterioration of the Iranian government’s malign behavior and terrorist activities in the region and its nuclear extortion alike.

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