Iran Nuclear NewsIran’s Government Agrees To Resume Nuclear Talks in Vienna...

Iran’s Government Agrees To Resume Nuclear Talks in Vienna Later This Month


The Iranian regime has finally agreed to resume nuclear talks in Vienna on November 29, following months of delaying and buying time for them to continue their malign activities unquestioned.

The date of the talks has been conveniently placed just days after scheduled sessions for the Board of Governors of the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, seemingly the regime’s plan to force the Board of Governors to avoid passing any resolutions regarding their commitment violations of the 2015 nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Despite numerous efforts from the international community to bring the regime to comply with the JCPOA terms, the regime has blatantly carried on with the acceleration of their nuclear program, enriching uranium far beyond the limits allowed per the nuclear deal terms, and carrying out malign terrorist activities across the Middle East through their proxy groups.

It is clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that if the talks have been stalled, it is because of the regime’s lack of cooperation and its drive to extort the international community.

Sanctions that have been placed on Iran by the United States for their terrorist activities and human rights abuses were imposed by the U.S. Congress, so while the regime consistently calls for the sanctions to be lifted, this action is way beyond the power of the current presidential administration to lift them. U.S. legislators continue to agree that the Iranian regime still poses great threats to the international community.

The 2015 JCPOA was an agreement, and there was no legal or legislative force behind it because a considerable percent of U.S. lawmakers believed that it did not do enough to curb the regime’s terrorist threat.

While the regime has agreed to new talks, their main focus is to obtain further concessions from Western powers regarding their nuclear program. By continually stalling previous talks, they have bought time to quietly advance their uranium enrichment program in the hope that they will reach a level that will give them an upper hand in future negotiations.

Currently, the regime’s main issue in Iran is concerning the upcoming second anniversary of the November 2019 uprising that almost brought them to the brink of collapse. With the state of the economy and social crises in Iran now, the Iranian people are outraged and becoming more restive daily and consistently call for regime change at their protest rallies.

The mullahs have held on to power only through brute force, gunning down protesters in the streets, carrying out public executions, imprisoning and torturing dissidents, and appointing a mass murderer as president.

The mullahs are desperately clinging on to power as any sign of fragility on their part will cause them catastrophic consequences. If another wave of nationwide protests is triggered, leading to another uprising, the complete collapse of the regime would be inevitable.

This is a regime that only responds to firmness and strength. Any concessions to the ayatollahs will only aid and abet terrorism and destruction without addressing any of the threats they pose.

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