Iran Nuclear NewsNo Doubt Iran’s Government Tries To Gain a Nuclear...

No Doubt Iran’s Government Tries To Gain a Nuclear Bomb


The Iranian regime has been hiding until now its intention to build a nuclear bomb. And every time the Iranian Resistance mainly the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) exposed the regime’s purpose, it raised an excuse and with the help of the regime supreme leader’s fatwa that the regime will not gain any nuclear bomb and something like that is haram due to the religious morals.

“We do not believe in the atomic bomb; We do not believe in the atomic weapon; We will not try to reach it either. According to our beliefs, our religious principles, the use of such means of mass murder is strictly forbidden.” (Ali Khamenei, January 2010)

This statement was because that most parts of the regime’s nuclear case were implemented in secrecy and revealing the final goal of this project which was the nuclear bomb would create many obstacles for the regime, like moving under the Seventh Charter of the United Nations.

The purpose of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPOCA) was to restrict and control the regime’s nuclear program. But until now this plan was not able to end the regime’s malign goals in its nuclear case and the regime is just a few steps away from becoming a nuclear power. Worth mentioning that the appeasement policy of the Western powers has helped the regime to reach its goals.

During this time and because of this policy the regime improved in UAV arsenal and increased the flying distance of its missiles. Now threatening far more nations.

A clerical regime with missiles, UAVs, and the nuclear bomb, with meddling in the Middle East and support of terrorism is much more dangerous than any other dictatorship in history. The truth is that until now the world has not experienced a clerical regime with mass destruction weapons in its hands.

Now amid the Vienna talks and the successive failures, suddenly the regime supreme leader’s mouthpiece the Kayhan is threatening the world and exposing its real goal:

“If all sanctions are not lifted, uranium enrichment will reach 90% and we will become a nuclear power.”

Before that Bijan Pirooz, a regime’s expert in a TV show said that the regime negotiating team has acted very weakly and the counterpart has the upper hand in the negotiations so that the regime nuclear case become evolved into a nuclear bomb case and that worsen the situation for the regime and closed many doors.

But finally, he accidentally revealed the regime’s real goal and said that the regime can have nuclear weapons but not in the dimension of mass destruction like the bombs that fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima but, “10-ton mortars or missiles with plutonium warheads.”

It is recalled that before these masterminds of the regime, Mahmoud Alavi, the Minister of Intelligence of Rouhani’s government, said something that he should not say:

“The Supreme Leader explicitly stated in his fatwa that the production of nuclear weapons is against the Sharia and that the Islamic Republic does not go for it and forbids it. But if they corner a cat, it may behave in a way that a free cat does not.”

These claims are striking out the regime supreme leader’s fatwa about the good faith of the regime in its nuclear case.

And finally, Kayhan while trying very hard to keep up appearances, once again reveals the regime’s real goal as it said:

“Iran is the biggest winner of the Vienna talks, whether the talks are successful or fail. Because if the United States accepts the legal and legitimate conditions and demands of Iran for the complete lifting of sanctions, it means a great victory for the Iranian nation.

Otherwise, Iran will continue its nuclear program by easing sanctions and improving its economic situation, increasing its uranium enrichment from 60 percent to 90 percent if needed and becoming a global nuclear power.

Now it is up to the Western powers to decide to stop their failed appeasement policy or to save the world from a huge problem. The regime has expressed its main goal many times and the sad thing is that the Western Powers are closing their eyes and giving the regime the nod.

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