News on Iran Protests & DemonstrationsIran’s Government Warned of Possible Uprisings Akin to Those...

Iran’s Government Warned of Possible Uprisings Akin to Those in Recent Years


With the worsening crises in Iran, in recent days the state-run media have been discussing the regime’s fears of another uprising as society’s restiveness intensifies. Iranian people are suffering under dire conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the country’s mounting social and economic crises and are making their frustrations known to the Iranian regime.

Even though the Covid-19 death toll in Iran is getting worse by the day, the regime has made the decision to push ahead and reopen schools, just as many health experts warn of a sixth wave of the virus on the horizon.

The head of the Virology Research Center at the Beheshti University spoke to the Mardom Salari Daily and warned that while many adults are being vaccinated, the reopening of schools and universities now could lead to a large spread of the virus to under 18s.

Over 464 700 people have lost their lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Iran, according to reports compiled by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Tuesday afternoon local time.

The Setare Sobh daily wrote in their October 25 publication that experts have suggested that it would have been more efficient if restrictions were lifted step by step. They also said that the rate of vaccinations in Iran falls far below the desired level of 80% of the population.

As for the dire state of Iran’s economy, many of the issues have stemmed from the regime’s institutionalized corruption. As the crisis worsens, instead of finding solutions to overcome the issues, the regime’s factions are just blaming each other.

Since assuming office in August 2021, the regime’s new president Ebrahim Raisi has continued the path of his predecessor Rouhani in giving hollow economic promises. His hollow promises and futile provincial visits. Raisi also tries to blame Rouhani for all problems.

The Arman daily wrote on October 23 that even after three months since the implementation of the new administration, there have yet to be any written or practical solutions from the government to fix the problems faced by the Iranian people.

The same day, Aftab-e Yazd stated that the inflation rate in Iran has recently reached its highest point. They wrote, “This is an important reason why economists have no hope for the future of the country’s economy, and with the current trend of policies concerning the economy and foreign policy, we will definitely face triple-digit inflation by next year.”

Sharq daily has warned regime officials that they should expect major protests on the level of the January 2018 and November 2019 uprisings as more and more Iranians are being pushed under the poverty line. The discrepancy between the levels of inflation and the low incomes, along with the chronic lack of job opportunities, means that many people are unable to provide adequate food and medical treatment for their families.

Discussing fuel prices, Arman daily acknowledged that all or a significant part of the price increase is due to mismanagement. Since people see that after three decades, they must pay the costs for the officials’ recklessness, they can no longer tolerate the situation.

The Arman daily warned on October 25 that in the current climate of the crises in Iran, “When the conditions are ripe for chaos, any minor incident could cause the greatest crises ever… every incident, however small, may ignite a fire that cannot be extinguished,”

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