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Iran Is Thirsty As People Protest


The hollow promises of the Iranian regime to the people are no longer effective. These days there is a crisis in Iran over a more important and critical subject than any other basic good and gasoline, something that the regime is no longer able to solve in a short or long time due to the amount of destruction: The most basic need of any human, which is the unquestionable right of any citizen in any country, water.

Iran is facing an alarming water crisis. While the farmers of Isfahan are protesting and fighting for their water rights, the people of Yazd city and villages in that region are begging for healthy drinking water. This is not limited to this area; most of Iran’s provinces are facing water shortage, from Khuzestan to Khorasan to Sistan and Baluchestan, people have no drinking water and are supported by water tanks.

At least from 20 years ago, many environmentalists in Iran have warned constantly the regime’s government about the danger of the drought and the destruction of the country’s nature. But in response to these warnings, the regime arrested them, threatened, and even executed some of them. Desertification is expanding and devouring the country’s water resources.

Iran is immersed in the huge crisis of dehydration. Providing drinking water, agricultural water, and water for industry requires long-term investments, basic programs, and extensive credits, and a thousand slogans and wasteless visits by the regime’s officials will not be able to create sips of water and falls in the hands of the thirsty people.

The standard time to deal with the water crisis was at least 10 or 15 years ago, when the legendary wealth of oil revenues fell into the inept hands of a populist government that wasted $800 billion, and not the least of it was spent on vital water, and now no one can talk about the destiny of the people.

At least 20 years ago, detailed studies had to be done and big decisions should have been made. With non-scientific dam creations and redirection of the country’s rivers, the regime speeds up the country’s drought. Thinking about other priorities the regime has not spent the necessary time and effort to solve this super challenge.

The only thing that the regime has done until now, is to invite the thirsty people to restrain water consumption and save water and is showing them a chart of rain reduction on its TV and is asking the people to have patience. And the people have the right to protest and demand water because governments in any country are founded to solve such problems in critical situations, but in Iran, the regime’s governments have become the main source of the crises.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the magnitude of the water crisis requires all the time, energy, capacity, and facilities of the country. But the regime is wasting it on its senseless nuclear case.

The situation is more or less the same in other areas. The growing brain drain and escape of the country’s elites have become so critical that many of the regime’s elements and officials are forced to introduce the comprehensive security of citizens, as a solution of the regime’s leader, but this is not coordinated with the regime’s nature, which is depriving the people of all kinds of social, political, and economic security.

Earthquakes, subsidence, forest fires, the declining mental and physical health of society, are all active super crises and require fundamental solutions.

The prevailing structural view of this reactionary regime is that, for example, inflation can be controlled and even eliminated by some banking affairs and increasing supervision. Some Iranian clerics have even stated that the sky is also waiting for the women’s hair to be covered until it starts to rain as much as a rainy date, and then they can export water. These are not jokes, these are the ridiculous comments of the regime’s officials and elements on official tribunes.

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