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Widespread crackdown on women

Iran Focus: A new wave of crackdown against young people, particularly girls, has been launched by the Iranian security forces in conjunction with other security services under the pretext of campaign against “symbols of public corruption” and “improper veiling.”

Iran Announces Delays in First Nuclear Reactor Coming on Line


Voice of America: Iran says its first nuclear reactor, being built with the help of Russia, will not go on line until October 2006, a year later than planned. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s governing body will be discussing the question of Iran’s nuclear program at a meeting in September, amid international concern about Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Iran ‘three years away’ from nuclear bomb


Sunday Times: IRAN has warned British officials that it could produce enough enriched uranium in a year for a nuclear weapon — significantly raising the stakes in its stand-off with the West.
The claim was made during talks late last month between Iran and Britain, France and Germany but has only just come to light.

Teheran two-times Straw by backing both sides


Daily Telegraph: The past fortnight in Najaf marks the end of the affair between Britain and Iran.
British officials accuse Teheran of infidelity with Moqtada al-Sadr and of breaking its vow over nuclear weapons.

Girl, 16, Hanged in Public in Iran

Ateqeh Sahaleh was hanged in public

Iran Focus

On Sunday, August 15, a 16-year-old girl in the town  of Neka, northern Iran, was executed. Atefeh Sahaleh was hanged in public on Simetry Street off Rah Ahan Street at the city center.

Iran Hangs Three Drug Smugglers in Public – Paper


Reuters: Iran has hanged three drug smugglers in a public square in the southern province of Kerman, the Jomhuri-ye Eslami newspaper reported on Saturday.
Under Iran’s strict Islamic law, in place since the 1979 revolution, the death sentence is usually reserved for murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

Iran should be punished for nuclear cheating


Daily Telegraph: Iran yesterday stepped up its defiance of the outside world by threatening to destroy Israel’s nuclear reactor at Dimona. General Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr of the Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying that this would be the consequence of any Israeli strike on the nuclear plant being built in the southern Iranian town of Bushehr.

Tehran snubs London over gunboats


Iran Focus: Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri, the spokesman for the Revolutionary Guards, rejected British demands for the return of military boats and equipment seized by Iran, saying that Tehran is awaiting for further answers from London before making any decision.

Iranian agents arrested in Iraq


Iran Focus: Some 100 Iranians holding fake Afghan identity cards were arrested on August 8 in Diyala Province, bordering Iran, according to sources in the area. They crossed the border illegally and entered Iraqi territory and initial investigations showed they had ties with the Iranian regime’s security services.

Revolutionary Guards commander: U.S. is massacring Shiite children


Iran Focus: The commander of Revolutionary Guards in the southern province of Kerman told thousands of his troops and members of the para-military Bassij that U.S. forces were not capable of defeating Moqtada Sadr’s forces in Iraq and were massacring Shiite children in the south.