By Mehdi

Around the world, people are worried about what is going to happen between the US and Iran. The Middle East has had its share of wars, like the 8-year fight between Iran and Iraq. There was also the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait between 1990 and1991, as well as the American invasion of Iraq. Iran also initiated the wars in Yemen and Syria, where millions were killed or injured.

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By Jubin Katiraie

The United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that four commercial vessels were damaged in “acts of sabotage” near the country’s territorial waters.

This was confirmed by Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister, who revealed at around 6 am on Sunday revealed that two Saudi oil tankers had suffered “significant damage” in the area just 85 miles south of the strategic Strait of Hormuz shipping route, where a fifth of the world’s total oil passes through.

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By Pooya Stone

The commander of US naval forces in the Middle East said Thursday that intelligence showing a threat from Iran would not stop him from using an aircraft carrier into the Strait of Hormuz if needed.

Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, the commander of the US Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, did not confirm whether this meant that he would send the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group into the strategic shipping lane near Iran, through which one-fifth of the global oil supply is sent.

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By Jubin Katiraie

The mullahs in Iran could be considered among the most corrupt and malign in the world. The leadership of Iran has been involved in the plotting of terrorist attacks and assassinations of political opponents across the world.

To make matters worse, some of the top officials in the country today have been involved in numerous such crimes.

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By Pooya Stone

After the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq ended, Iran needed to keep the demobilized soldiers from roaming the streets with nothing to do. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was their answer. Khatam-al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters, the biggest contractor for government projects, was established by order of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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